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Great Short Articles for Students

Students preparing for TOEFL, SAT, IGCSE, (or standardized exams by any other acronym), here are a few sites for reading relevant articles (EVERYDAY!):

Be sure to determine the main idea when reading the first paragraph, then find supporting ideas as you read.


Social Sciences

(more to come)


Naples Travel Blog – April 24

Not all too impressed with Naples as of yet but some of the people are nice. My hotel is a bit cheap and in a bad area, but the receptionist sure is neighborly. I brought my computer and tablet along with me and my luggage was unfortunately dropped in the way to my room and my tablet was absolutely destroyed. I had no choice but to send it over to Premier Surplus, Inc. so they could recycle it. He said if I wanted a date, he’d ring one right up for me. Seeing I was a nice American and by myself he must have had a kindly relative in mind. I declined but it sure was nice of him. Got some lovely invites from ladies on the streets, too. I had to turn them all down, but talk about your southern hospitality. Gee wiz. — at Napoli Centrale.

My novel, Josie Unlimited

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My Flash Card Program for Common SAT Words

SAT Vocab Words Flash Cards (When it comes up, hit “Run” on both boxes that come up.) You can also save it to your computer.

Flash Cards



Josie Unlimited

Check out my YA novel … Josie Unlimited

Egypt Videos

Part 1

Part 2 {click here}  |  Part 3 {click here}  |  Egypt Today (Pre-Revolution) {click here}