Film Exam Example

Part I of exam:

Explanation: The first part of the test is just an identification of a still shot from a picture given. Then, briefly describe what, in general, that shot accomplishes.  The language is not graded. Simple ticks are given for each of the two things:1) identification of shot and 2) the purpose of the shot (in general). There will be 9 of these!


pov kid

Answer: This is a point-of- view shot. The purpose of the point-of-view shot is to see the action from the perspective of one of the characters. This way, the viewer is more engaged with the character and the action he or she is participating in. (This is simply a re-wording of the description from the page already given.)

Part II of exam:

Explanation: You will identify three camera techniques and discuss how each contributes to the plot. The plot in this case with a short, unseen clip, will really just be basically what’s going on from what we can tell in the limited time of the clip. So, in as with the movie clip from the quiz , we see two teenagers racing home—one on foot and on in the car with an adult, presumably her mother. The purpose of all camera shots from this clip will be to show the intensity but also the humor of the race home.


Answer: 1) The close-up and extreme close-up shots from :03 to :09 help to intensify the emotion between the teenage boy and girl. They are in a race to get back to their house and this exchange of glances in close-ups and extreme close-ups sets up the tension between the two. The shots show how every move they make in the car (for the girl) and on foot (for the boy) will be extremely important because there is obviously hatred between the two and each is extremely determined to win the race. 2) The sideways track shots (or crab shots) used from about :20 to :29 are used to show what the boy has to go through athletically in order to beat the girl home in the car. He runs through trees, by houses, and past people eating. The camera follows the action of him running through all this to show it is quite an athletic feat to make it home first. 3) The subsequent two-shot of the girl and the woman in the car (:29 to :33 or so) helps to contrast the different kind of stress the girl is going through in the car during the race to the house. The two-shot reveals that the woman and girl are arguing and the girls grip on the steering wheel while she is screaming illustrate her frustration with the woman because she, like the boy, is very intent on making it home first.


The Rubric

There is a rubric but don’t stress over it. We must have one to be official but it’s a good idea to look it over all the same.

Click here for the rubrick: film rubric

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