Great Short Articles for Students

Students preparing for TOEFL, SAT, IGCSE, (or standardized exams by any other acronym), here are a few sites for reading relevant articles (EVERYDAY!):

Be sure to determine the main idea when reading the first paragraph, then find supporting ideas as you read.


Social Sciences

(more to come)


Film Unit Help

* New * Clip Section Advice (click here)

Exam Example (click here)

Film Exam Rubric (film rubric)

Shots and Effects Page (camera shots and effects)

Here’s a voluntary practice for the moving shots  (click here)

Film Quizzes (You must take them for part of your oral grade)

(For the quizzes, please allow popups and scripted pages if asked.)

Camera Shots Flash Cards

Camera Shots Quiz

Still Shots

Moving Shots (With Video)


English Classes

Index of English and Liberal Arts Material


Elements of Literature (best viewed in Internet Explorer)

Brewster Rooster (video illustrating Elements of Lit through Theme)


The Egypt Videos


SAT Vocab Words Flash Cards

When it loads, hit “Run” on both boxes that come up. You can also save it to your computer.

Flash Cards


Hot Potatoes

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